Cala en Porter- Menorca


I know it has been a while since I have written a review, but I was waiting so I could give you a very recent holiday destination. So, this July my sister and I visited the island of Menorca. This was the first holiday just me and her, and also the first time visiting Menorca. The reason for visiting menorca was because my aunt and uncle moved out here a few months back with their baby, Madeleine (who is 2 for anyone who is curious). I’m very close with my aunt, when she was in England I would stay with her for a few days every month. They bought a villa which they rent out, The Stone House. It’s beautiful, spacious, has it’s own pool and is 2 mim away from the beach. They have been renting it out for a while, as they have been trying to sell their house in Southend (which is also spacious and 2min away from the beach). The apartments opposite Siesta Mar, is where we all stayed for the week. So, here it is: my experience of Cala en porter.

Day one: time to fly.
Anyone who has read my previous articles will know that I LOVE flying. It’s hands down the highlight of my holiday. As this was my first time flying just me and my sister, we were a little bit uneasy about how it would pan out. We were flying from Gatwick, which it about 1.5 hours from where we live. Once getting through security, with a member of staff rumaging through my sisters bag, and me having to be patted down; we finally made it to duty free. It was 17:00 and our flight was at 18:20. It got to 18:00 before we realised that our flight had been delayed by 1 hour. First impressions of monarch airlines so far weren’t looking too great. So finally at 19:30 we boarded the plane and settled down for a quick 2 hour flight.

Mahon airport, small and easy. We met our uncle at the doors, he was easy to spot as he is an ex-rugby player and is about 6ft5. In other words he is HUGE! We drove 15 minuets to Cala en Porter, and was greeted by my aunt waving from the balcony. Although it was gone 23:00, Jess and I was egar to see the beach. Even in the darkness I could see that it was going to be beautiful.

We stayed in Siesta del Mar. It was a two bedroom apartment, and it fitted 4 adults and a baby. The apartment block was clean and quiet, considering there were always little children running around. I hadn’t seen my little cousin since last November. It’s crazy how much kids grow in thoes first 2 years! It was as if one moment I was holding her in my arms, walking her around the house while she slept- and now she’s running in and out of my legs shouting gibberish. Crazy.

Cala en porter is very much a tourist area, with the many bars and restaurants. Something that I couldn’t get used to was almost every bar and restaurant has a pool in it, including the Irish bar! (Which I found hilarious). We spent most of out nights at the “famous” aloha bar. Although this is a good bar, and the atmosphere is lovely (thanks to the hilarious owner) it is very expensive. I’m talking 7.95 euros per cocktail. Maybe for one night out this is good, but if you plan on having a few drinks I would suggest you go to the Irish bar.


There is no better feeling than having sand on your feet and a refreshing breeze blowing on your skin. It’s quite a change from the rainy English coastline I’ve become used to. When the sun hits the water it glistens like diamonds. Because the beach is in a bay, the wind is very little. This means that there are next to no waves- apart from when there is a storm. On the second day we decided to go to the beach, and there was a storm due that night. I’m a pretty tall girl, so it is rare that I get knocked down in most situations. This was an exception. The waves must of been at least 6ft 1. As this was such a rare occurrence, the sea was packed with people trying to jump the waves. It was such fun, and a real laugh to see my sister be thrown about in the sea.

The Local Beach

Although life on the beach is peaceful and calming, it would drive me crazy not doing anything for a week. So we decided to visit Mahon. The architecture is different to English shopping towns. The buildings are old and have character, yet are filled with modern brands such as Mango. It’s an odd one. Mahon is one of the largest natural ports in the world, and I will say one of the prettiest. There are parts where you are able to look over the sapphire waters to see huge ships coming and going from all over the place, it’s quite mesmerising.

Saving best till last. Cova d en Xoroi. This is a world renowned night club, and the views you get will explain why. As you walk through the doors, you are greeted with a deep blue sight. The caves are IN the cliff edge, there are stairs that walk you around the sides where you get a full blown view of the ocean (you can even see Mallorca on a clear day!). Because the cave was not allowed to be damages or changed my the owner, all the walls and ceilings of the caves are still the natural stone it started with. Its quite amazing when you think about it. I can imagine at sunset it is quite magical- that is until the music starts to play. IN the night time the place turns into a nightclub, which I have been told is brilliant. However you have to be over 21 to get in.

View from the caves.
View from the caves.
VIP area in caves at sunset.
VIP area in caves at sunset.

To conclude; for a weeks holiday destination, this is perfect. However I don’t know if I personally could lay on a beach for more than 1 week. If you are looking for a chilled out time with a mix of restaurants at your door, this is perfect. On the other hand if you are looking for a more adrenalin fuelled experience, this is not the place for you.


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